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My Wife Lourdes has always been creative. Several years ago she told me she wanted to take a "beading" class. I told her, "sure go ahead". She said, "no I want you to go with me." Just what I wanted to do, go to a beading class. As life would have it, she talked me into it and I took her to the beading store for our first class. What I discovered that day is that beading isn't a bunch of little plastic or glass beads on a string. Beads can also be rocks, wood and lots of other materials. Well I have always loved rocks. We used to collect rocks everywhere we went for my mom's rock garden. I've paid to bring rocks back on airplanes from Puerto Rico just because I thought they were really cool. I also love working with wood. We started collecting different kinds of beads and pretty soon had hundreds of necklaces and bracelets. So in 2007 we started Gibby Custom Designs, LLC as a way to pay for our hobby. Since 2007 we have been designing special pieces of jewelry for friends and relatives. We take special pride in the quality and design of every piece of jewelry we make. We are simply getting so many requests that it is hard to keep everyone up to date on our newest pieces. 

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Designer: Lourdes Gibson
Phone: (727) 244-6721
Email: lourdesg@gibbydesigns.com 
Designer: John Gibson
Phone: (727) 244-6717
Email: johng@gibbydesigns.com